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Cover Letter For Store Keeper

Cover Letter for Storekeeper

Storekeepers are a multi-talented people who oversee different work areas in a retail outlet. They are also hired by independent businesses such as bakery, book store, nursery, any shop that stock and sell consumer goods. They are the most essential team member of a retail business. If you are trying for a retail position as a storekeeper, you need to separate yourself from other candidates with a good cover letter.

The letter has to show that you are interested in the position, qualified and experienced to shoulder daily tasks in a store. As a storekeeper, you roll is multi-faceted. Though you cannot include all he job aspects in the cover letter, you must at least indicate that you have overseen them and can do the same for the new employer. The cover letter could be impressive if you focus on the duties mentioned in the job advertisement.

Cover Letter Sample

Warren Friedlander
452, Eldridge Road
Wichita, Kansas 67201
Phone: (323) 625 0864
Cell: (999) 872 0072
Email: warren@chainmail.com

November 01, 2013

Gareth Springs
Human Resources
ABC Departmental Store
68, Cavalry Road
Wichita, Kansas 67221

Subject: Application for the position of Storekeeper

Dear Mr. Springs,

The job advertisement for a Storekeeper position that you posted in the newspaper “Wichita Express,” dated, October 25, 2013, is like a fresh morning breeze that enters your bedroom though the windows and gently wakes you up. Reading this good news with a cup of coffee is a great experience. As I want this experience to last forever, I am sending this application for the Storekeeper position.

This is an exciting opportunity, and I wanted my application to be the first on your table. Hence I on my personal computer immediately to type this application. I have been in the retail industry for eight years and have performed all key responsibilities diligently and accurately. I have mastered the art of store-keeping perfectly. I can handle complete administrative duties, bookkeeping, promotion activities, site maintenance, and staff management.

I have a leadership flair and have supervised a staff ranging in numbers from 20 to 70. In these many years, I have hired and fired hundreds of employees. I have also been conducting training for staff and taught them how to deal with customers, attend their needs and solve their queries, maintain cleanliness inside the store, display products in an attractive fashion on the shelves, etc.

Taking inventory and keeping correct records of goods on the shelves and inside the store are my specialty. I never allow any product in demand to go out of stock, unless a delay occurs through the manufacturer's side. I set sales goals and motivate the store team to achieve it. I have also increased the database of suppliers and negotiated prices in the interest of the store. I would like to use all these experiences for your store.

I would like to tell and prove you what more I can do for ABC Departmental Store. For that, a meeting between us is very essential. If you could call me at (999) 872 0072 during lunchtime, we can decide on the time and day of our meeting. Thank you for the job advertisement and your time.


Warren Friedlander

Enclosure: Resume

This storekeeper cover letter has an interesting start any employer would be forced to read further. Imagine any creative introduction just like this sample letter and stand different from other candidates.

Contact Us : Privacy Policy

Rebecca Caldwell
Kalispell, Montana 11111
E: rcaldwell@anymail P: 555-464-8878

Professional Summary

Highly trained grocery store employee with years of experience in this work environment. A visionary with a dream of expanding the deli department to include a small eatery to attract more local customers, build brand loyalty, and create a sense of the community coming together in one place. Passionate about customer service with the track record to prove it. Eager to use the role of storekeeper to make Mountain Valley Foods a staple in this city for decades to come.

Work Experience

Customer Service Manager
Mountain Valley Foods

• Exercise decision-making judgement when clerks have particularly insistent customer complaints.
• Facilitate end-of-shift procedures for clerks and cashiers.
• Offer recommendations for weekly deals and promotions.
• Coordinate storefront decorations to attract customers.
• Praised by multiple customers for superior customer service and friendly demeanor.


• Expanded responsibilities to include cashier duties, stocking duties, and occasionally bagging duties.
• Fielded customer complaints and offered solutions in a positive way.
• Trained new cashiers and provided a welcoming work environment.
• Awarded the Clerk of the Year distinction two years in a row.


• Used a cash register to calculate the correct price of customers’ groceries.
• Greeted customers with a smile; was able to form several personal connections with regular customers.
• Maintained a clean work environment.
• Exercised responsibility with cash resources.
• Received recognition for superior customer service and was offered a promotion.


• Put customers’ groceries in bags quickly to make their shopping experience speedy and convenient.
• Exercised care with purchases to ensure against breakage or soiling.
• Helped customers carry their bags to their vehicles as needed.
• Rewarded for work ethic and positive attitude with a promotion.

Education and Training

Associate of Applied Science in Human Services – 2015
Flathead Valley Community College


• Excellent customer service; ability to make customers feel welcomed and at home
• Experience with inventory promotions; this knowledge can easily be applied to stocking decisions
• Knowledge of and familiarity with cash handling practices and procedures
• Rapport with coworkers and enthusiasm for building a community atmosphere at work
• Dedicated to Mountain Valley Foods’ brand with a vision for reaching even more members of the Kalispell community

Hobbies and Interests

I love nature and enjoy spending my free time hiking or bicycling. I also love animals and volunteer at a local shelter as often as I can.

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