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My New Year Wish Essay

When the new year comes around it seems like the perfect time for self-improvement.Even though I’ve always failed my New Year’s resolutions, every year I promise myself that this time will be different. I’ve tried everything from being a vegetarian to starting my homework earlier to giving up Facebook. Each time after about a month (at most) I’ve given up. Why do I even bother? I don’t feel that bad when I break my resolutions but sometimes I wish I could do better.

In 2009, I decided that I was going to become a vegetarian. It seemed like the hip thing to do at my school. I have a lot of friends who are vegetarians, so I thought it would be easy to stop eating meat. Unfortunately there were a few problems. First, every morning I usually ate bacon with my waffle or egg. I love the smell of bacon sizzling on the skillet and I hated having to watch my family enjoy eating the little piggies. Second, every dinner I was tempted by the smell of pot roast or pork chops. I felt like a lion in a cage watching a pig taunt me. One day during the first week of the new year, they served pepperoni pizza at school and I mindlessly bit into a slice, enjoying the pepperoni. I even licked the grease off my fingers. I felt really bad when I realized I’d broken my resolution and I thought about spitting it out mid-chew but the pizza was too good. I accepted the fact that being a vegetarian wasn’t for me.

Determined to be a better student

In 2010, I tried something that didn’t require giving up food because I knew depriving myself of my favorite foods would be too hard. I promised to do my homework before Sunday night. As a freshman that year, I always waited to start my homework until Sunday evening or even Monday morning and often got incompletes on my homework. My parents were not too thrilled. So for my resolution I tried doing my homework during lunch the day it was assigned or as soon as I got home on Fridays.

But about two weeks after school started, I realized doing my homework at lunch wasn’t a great idea because I always got distracted by all the fun I thought I was missing. I ended up with my book open but talking to my friends. Then about a month into the new year, I started hanging out on Friday nights and not doing my homework. After that I tried getting up on a Saturday morning and hitting the books, but I ended up reading the same line over and over. I was bored and felt like I had something better to do. After I answered one question, I would check my phone or send a text. This made homework take much longer and I eventually got bored and stopped. After that I went back to doing my homework on Sunday nights.

For last year’s resolution I was a 16-year-old sophomore, which meant I should have no problem keeping a resolution because I was practically an adult (I thought). I vowed to give up Facebook … at least until Easter, which seemed like an eternity. At the time I was addicted to Facebook. I used it on my cell phone and it was the most viewed site on my computer. I almost failed my first semester finals because I was on Facebook when I was supposed to be studying. I was the annoying person who every night had to tell all my Facebook friends “Good night” on my status. 

So on Jan. 1, 2011, I temporarily deactivated my Facebook page. But I was still constantly picking up my phone hoping to see a notification, even though I couldn’t get any because I had deactivated my account. My mom said I looked like an addict having withdrawals! This lasted for almost three days. Around 9 p.m. on Jan. 3 my best friend called to tell me some gossip that I had no idea about because I hadn’t been on Facebook. I ran upstairs while we were still on the phone. I don’t think I could have reactivated my Facebook any quicker. I realize now how sad it was that I couldn’t stay away from Facebook for even three days.

Today, I look back at those massive failures and laugh. It is not as if doing my homework before Sunday was Mission: Impossible. I eventually figured out how to do my homework by turning off the TV and doing it the night it was assigned. And being a vegetarian is a nice thought because it seems healthy but I love meat. The Facebook goal wouldn’t be that challenging now. I have slowly become less attached to Facebook. I update my status only about once a week and I refuse to fail finals because of Facebook. I’ve learned that New Year’s resolutions aren’t meant to change your life, they’re just a nice tradition. It’s fun to challenge myself and find out how long I’ll last.

Although I’ve failed every resolution, I decided to try again this year by doing 25 push-ups every morning. So far I’m doing well but I’m not sure how long it will last.

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Happy New Year 2018 Essay and Speech for Kids and Students

New Year is praised everywhere throughout the world with extraordinary fun and energy. It is an extraordinary day for the general population and they well come up and coming year in their own specific manner. Individuals purchase new garments, endowments and diverse things from showcase. Shops are loaded with swarm on nowadays. 1st January is Celebration of New Year in India is a fun loaded with sustenance, skip and ceremonies. Individuals praised it with music and move. Kids are exceptionally glad on this day as they get endowments and great nourishment to appreciate. In India, distinctive group commends their new year on various date as indicated by their logbook. In any case, general it is a celebration which demonstrated joy in individuals and spread euphoria all over the place.

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