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Disadvantages Of Plastic Surgery Essay

Some people undergo plastic surgery because of apparent flaws or blemishes on their body. Then again, there are a few people who truly require operations to enhance and restore the capacity and appearance of their body. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with the process.


The greatest benefit of this procedure is the fulfillment and the delight that generally accompanies a successful operation. Generally, patients who undergo the operation come out from the healing period fulfilled and full of compliments for their specialists. The change itself is an alternate physical and mental attribute which gives the patient great satisfaction and a feel good factor.

Plastic surgery likewise restores, either completely or in part, the structure and capacity that an incapacitated organ or body part might have had. Both youngsters and adults experience normalcy after the reconstructive surgery which is planned to help them.


The clear risk of plastic surgery is that it comes with certain complications and can even worsen the situation. This is of course something which no one wants as you simply do not want to use a significant amount of money to undergo a procedure that ends up making you feel more dreadful than before or even experience horrible side effects. To explain all the probable outcomes of plastic surgery, you may as well consult your specialist before you undergo the process. This will enable you to know the probable dangers and to get proper advice from the specialists. With corrective surgeries, outcomes may be unclear, which may not be in line with the desires of the individual undergoing the process.

Regardless of the general confidence that patients generally have for their procedures, there are dangers that go with these. The dangers and difficulties which happen throughout and after the operation are a major part of the drawbacks of plastic surgery. Throughout surgery, the patient can drain too much or respond unfavourably to the sedative utilized on them.

Cases as these can essentially heighten to a risky scenario which may greatly influence chances of the patient undergoing a successful operation. Another barrier to the procedure is the disappointment that comes when the patient has lofty requirements that are not met by the operation. This is where it is underlined by the specialists that the patient should not have far-fetched desires concerning the modifications which come with the surgery.

A few people expect that their whole presence will change into something excellent with only one operation. The stigma of having had plastic surgery done on you by elanic has decreased through the years yet there are still some who are aware of this.

The general advantages of any restorative surgery clearly outweigh the disadvantages. This is likely in light of the fact that a number of the disadvantages might be avoided through modern medications. Screenings and tests can additionally help to determine whether the individual can  undergo the procedure safely and without any complications. Advents in science and medicine has made such a large number of surgical procedures safe and lessened the dangers of some.

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I think that the assumption has already been made that there is not a scientific or medically mandated need for cosmetic surgery.  For example, a severe burn victim will need cosmetic surgery and might require several different cosmetic surgery procedures for such a condition.  I think that one of the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery for purely "cosmetic" purposes is that it makes the individual susceptible to a very slippery slope.  Once that door is open in terms of having cosmetic surgery work done for a specific purpose, more work is done for the same reasons.  The body can appear imperfect in so many different ways.  Today's "tummy tuck" can lead to a "nose job" tomorrow or work on the chin the next day.  Doctors call it a condition known as Body dysmorphic disorder or BDD.  This condition is one in which the individual is excessively driven by the perceived imperfections in the body.  This can be accentuated by excessive cosmetic surgery, for if surgery is seen as something that can be achieved to remedy these ends it can be achieved in so many areas of the body.  I think that this becomes one of the drawbacks to cosmetic surgery, if not properly monitored  and observed.

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