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Health Promotion Introduction Essay

Role of the Nurse in Health Promotion Essay

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Health promotion includes providing activities that improve a person’s health. These activities assist patients to “maintain or enhance their present levels of health. Health promotion activities motivate people to act positively to reach more stable levels of health” (Potter & Perry, 2005, p. 97). In order for nurses to assist patients in obtaining healthy lifestyles, they must first assess a patient’s perception of health. The World Health Organization defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (as cited in Potter & Perry, 2005, p. 91). There are many nursing theories that are based on an individual’s perception of health. This paper will…show more content…

92). The HPM reflects how an individuals previous life experiences influence their future behavior (Potter & Perry, 2005). The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM) was created by Prochaska and DiClemente. It is based on “(1) the stages of change, (2) the decisional balance scale, (3) the strong and weak principle, (4) self-efficacy, and (5) the processes of change” (Kelly, 2008, p. 149). A person’s progression through the stages depends on their perception of the advantages of adopting a healthy lifestyle (Kelly, 2008).
The Commitment to Health (CTH) theory was established as a supplement to the TTM and helps to identify, “how early health-behavior activities become lifelong behavior change” (Kelly, 2008, p.148). Kelly (2008) describes CTH as a middle-range theory in her article. Middle-range theories are “theories that have more limited scope, less abstraction, address specific phenomena or concepts and reflect practice” (Potter and Perry, 2005, p. 63). Kelly (2008) believes that CTH can be used to help create evidence-based health promotion plans for patients in the action stage of behavior change.
Patient Health Promotion
Most people understand that an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to poor health, but their ability to make a change and modify their existing unhealthy behaviors can be difficult. Nurses have an opportunity to identify patients who are in need of motivational assistance in their practice.

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