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Cover Letter Samples Experienced Accountant

Tara Aimish
5/75 Tamarind Court
Perth WA 6000
Mobile: 0411 111 111
Home: (08) 92 000 000
Email: tara.aimish@email.com


John Fitzgerald
Head of HR
Cason & Cason
Suite 109, 52 West Street
Perth WA 6000

Dear Mr Fitzgerald

Re: Senior Accountant position, Ref: SA555

I am writing to apply for the position of senior accountant with Cason & Cason, advertised on employment.com on the 30th October 2009. With several years experience as a senior accountant at a major firm, I am now looking for a position with a smaller, expanding company to both challenge my skills and be a part of the development process of an organisation.

Over the span of my career, my track record as an accountant has been beyond reproach. While completing my degree at the University of Western Australia, I undertook the CA Achiever program at Jones & Stuart. This gave me a great insight into the workings of a smaller accounting firm and also equipped me with the passion to do my GradDipCA, which I later completed with the ICAA and Gregory Partners in 2008.

During my five years at Gregory Partners – two years as graduate accountant, 3 years as senior accountant – I have gained experience in all areas of accounting, including taxation business advisory, financial and business management, business development and client liaison. I pride myself on my ability to grasp technical programs quickly and easily, I always make sure I know computer systems inside and out, and I keep up-to-date with new software on the market.

Along with all the necessary qualifications and skills of an accountant, I am also a very social, people-oriented person, making me highly suited to client-facing roles. My written and verbal communication skills are impeccable, as are my leadership and team-building abilities, as I have often had to allocate tasks, train and mentor junior staff.

I am a keen, enthusiastic person with the necessary skills to be a valuable asset to your growing accounting firm. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the position further.

Kind regards

[sign here]

Tara Aimish

Senior Accountant Cover Letter

In the race to land in the best accounting jobs, a senior accountant cover letter could prove to be helpful. Accounting is one field that does not face much heat during business slow down. In fact, their help is sought more during troubled times in any company.

Accounts have to be maintained by all businesses as it is required by the law. Larger and more successful businesses have complete accounting departments as part of their offices. This department is full of senior and junior accountants. The senior accountants work independently and handle projects independently. Hence, this position is low in number but the salary is good.

The cover letter for a senior accountant should focus more on your experience and knowledge. These factors are important in the field of accounting. If you have played a part in cost reduction policies, then highlight that in the letter as companies are constantly on the lookout for reducing costs and increasing profits.

The letter should not have technical details even if it is an accountant's cover letter. The letter should also not have any flowery language. Keep it short and simple and the rest will fall in place. Use this letter to create curiosity about yourself so the reader will surely call you in for an interview. Since accountants do not have much experience in letter writing, we have provided a few points which are a good guide in writing the senior accountant cover letter.

Guidelines for writing a senior accountant cover letter:

  • Count the number of enclosures you will have with the letter and check them for good and readable print
  • The cover letter should have proper language. There is no point in writing fancy openings as this profession is technical and the interviewers are looking for candidates who are seriously interested in the profile
  • If you are being referred by someone from the company, then ask them to whom the letter has to be addressed
  • Start by mentioning that you are interested in the senior accountant position. It is better to get straight to the point
  • Keep the first paragraph short and quickly move to the second paragraph. Since you are a senior, you are bound to have good experience, so start with your experience and mention where you have worked before
  • In the same paragraph, state the kind of responsibilities you handled in your old company and the number of junior accountants that you handled
  • If you have done a particularly complex accounting assignment, mention that assignment in brief. This is important so the reader knows you are experienced in handling complex accounts
  • Start a third paragraph, and mention in that are you updated on the latest accounting laws and practices as this is an important requirement in this profession
  • End the letter with the thank you, and also give your contact details once again

These guidelines are more than enough to make a good cover letter. Given below is a letter written using the same guidelines. Read it to understand the letter better.

Sample Senior Accountant Cover Letter

Herbert Lowe
626, Ridge Road,
Columbus, Ohio, USA,
(726) 783 789.

Dudley Right
Human Resources Manager
Numeria Accounting Firm,
767, Market Square,
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Dear Mr. Right,

This letter is to apply for the position of senior accountant in your firm. This information was provided to me by Mr. Joseph Moore who is also a senior accountant. He informed me that Numeria was on the lookout for good senior accountant and I thought myself to be worthy of this opportunity.

I have worked in Stats Accounting from the past three years. I joined there as a junior accountant and was promoted to the position of senior accountant in my first year owing to hard work. In our firm I managed a team of five junior accountants. I even headed a government accounting project that came our company's way. This project had a short deadline and the numbers were complicated, but we finished well in time.

I am also well in touch with latest accounting practices and I am also adept at using accounting software. I would be grateful if you grant me an opportunity to apply for this position. (726) 783 789 is my home phone number and herblowe@chainmail.,com is my email id where I can be reached. Thank you for considering me.

Sincere regards,
Herbert Lowe


  1. Photocopy of experience letter
  2. Photocopy of accounting degree
  3. Photocopy of certificate in computer accounting

This letter is the simplest example of senior accountant cover letter. You can even use this letter as it and only change details like name and address.

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