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Tax3701 Assignment 2 Intrapreneurship

TAX3701/101 3 1 INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME Dear Student We have pleasure in welcoming you as a student to the module, THE TAXATION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. We hope that you will find your studies interesting and rewarding and that you will be suc-cessful in the examination. Please read this tutorial letter very carefully in order to orientate yourself with the requirements specific to this module. This module is practical and therefore you will have to learn rules and how to apply them. This will mean that you will have to start with your studies immediately as the semester is 15 weeks long, and you will need to give yourself time to practice what you learn. For your convenience, we include a proposed study program indicating the MINIMUM time that you will have to put aside for each study unit as well as the specific outcomes and assessment standards for the module. The specific outcomes and assess-ment standards will be repeated in the appropriate study units in your study guide. There are a number of lecturers in the undergraduate section of the Department of Taxation who will be assisting you but your primary lecturers are, Prof Boela Swanepoel and Ms Carien Cass. How to get started on my Unisa It is important that you regularly make use of my Unisa. These technological resources make it easier to communicate with the university, your lecturers and fellow students about your studies. By using my Unisa, you will be able to submit your assignments electronically, access the library resources, get your assignment marks and take part in activities, tasks and discussions relating to the contents of this module. Register TODAY and visit regularly.

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