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Irish Essays For 6th Class

The English Language
The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It consists of Latin, Anglo-Saxon, French and Viking. Why do we speak English? English is Ireland’s spoken language because of a long history of political dominance. A lot of other countries like Canada, the U.S.A, Australia and some of Africa speak English too.

Who was William Shakespeare? William Shakespeare was a famous English playwright and poet. He lived in the days of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. He invented about 2,000 English words, most of them we use today.
Words William Shakespeare invented are: aroused, accused, addiction, advertising, besmirch, birthplace, blanket, bloodstained, blushing, amazement, assassination, backing, bandit, bedroom, bet, bump, buzzer, caked, cater, champion, critic, dawn, deafening, drugged, epilepsy and elbow.

What is etymology?Etymology is the study of origins of words. Some Anglo- Norman words we use today are enemy, assault, mayhem, wait, pork, platter, veal, venison, peace, warrior, beef, bacon, mushroom, haddock, mackerel, taste, joy, pleasure, cherry, flan, liquorice, onion, odour, music, oil, pain, table, war and basin.

By Shauna

Комната оказалась пуста. Пуст был и вращающийся стул Мидж. Звуки шли сверху.

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