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Skillshare Volunteer Case Study

SkillShare is a service run by Volunteer Centre Camden, matching specifically skilled volunteers with organisations that need a volunteer with a specific skill. if you are interested in becoming a SkillShare volunteer, please click here.

Volunteer SkillShare Case Study: Belen Castan

Kayleigh, our SkillShare coordinator, spoke with Belen, a SkillShare volunteer, about how she found volunteering through the SkillShare service and how this differed from previous volunteer roles she had found through the general brokerage service.

Why did you decide to volunteer?
“Because I have volunteered all my life and also because I wanted to gain confidence in the UK working context”

Have you volunteered before? How does your SkillShare volunteering differ from other volunteering you may have done?
“Yes I have volunteered before; the SkillShare volunteering programme is different from my previous experience because it has given me the opportunity to find a position according to my specific professional skills and education”

How long have you been volunteering with your SkillShare organisations and why have you chosen these organisations?
“I have been volunteering with my two chosen organisations for 3 months, I chose them both for different reasons, one is a very consistent organisation and related to my professional experience, and it is a challenging position. I chose my second organisation as I felt they needed my collaboration.”

Related to volunteering, what have you enjoyed the most? What do you feel you have gained out of your volunteering?
“I have specifically enjoyed being able to share knowledge and professional experience with people from other fields and disciplines such as marketing and law. I have learned that volunteering should be inherent to the process of socialisation. When it is included as part of the education and culture, it emerges as a natural compromise within society.”

Sceptics think one person cannot make a difference; how would you respond to that?
“It is absolutely wrong; everyone has something to contribute with to the community.”

Would you recommend the SkillShare service to other people looking for specific volunteering?
“Yes. In fact, I have already done it.”

Thank you to Belen for speaking to Kayleigh in regards to SkillShare, hopefully this will encourage more specifically skilled individuals to utilise their skills within a organisation.

From time to time we are unable to match a volunteer to an existing volunteering role, especially if they are looking for something specific.

We have been recently approached by someone who was previously a volunteer with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). He is now looking for a role that they don’t have, and the MPS volunteer manager has put us in touch with each other. This is what he is looking for:


‘Hello I wanted to ask is there any research or analysis voluntary roles on crime in your voluntary organisation? I am graduate on Criminology with Sociology, and I am looking to strengthen my CV with voluntary work by using my skills in research and analysing information. I prefer to work daytime during the week days.’

Do you have this sort of role in your organisation? Or is this a role you would be able to create especially for this volunteer?

If so, please get in touch with Sheila (our Operations Manager) by email and she will forward your requests. 




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