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Appendix For A Case Study

The Rural Water Development Program was a that provided funding and technical advice to individual producers and groups to construct on-farm water infrastructure and conduct water related studies. 

First introduced in 1935, the Program was revised several times over the last 65 years to meet changing rural needs, circumstances and priorities in the Prairies and to take advantage of changing technology. Over the years, management has sought to shift resources for infrastructure for farm household supplies to more strategic initiatives and group infrastructure. 

As at the date of the evaluation, the program was administered out of Regina and delivered by approximately 40 staff in 22 district offices. The targeted clients were rural residents including farmers and ranchers, agricultural and conservation groups, rural communities, rural municipalities, agri-businesses and rural enterprises. Funding was awarded based on standard selection criteria and maximum contribution limits. Typically, 1,500 to 2,500 projects totaling $4 million to $7 million were made each year to farmers, farm groups and communities. 

The RWDP was incorporated into the National Water Supply Expansion Program (NWSEP) as of April 1, 2004. 


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