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School Uniform Should Be Banned Essay Writing


A uniform best represent the brand of the academic institution because it is where students will wear the color and the design that best symbolizes any institution. If a school policy wants their students to obey the rules and regulations, wearing of uniform will reflect how students obey and respect their institution as part of their learning routine. Uniforms are not only applied at school, but at several institutions as well. Employees have their set of uniform, which provides an essential structure to ensure that the quality of their responsibility is always expected and met. In this case, school uniform enables the society to value the significance of a brand to their country because it seeks to collaborate their needs and conduct to fulfill the interests of the public.

School uniform should be abolished because it can lead to several risks against the safety of the students while going to their respective classrooms. This is because there are recommended fabrics by the school that can generate allergic reactions to students who developed allergies due to a congenital anomaly. Another risk is when the school is located in a community wherein there is an outbreak of a highly contagious disease such as dengue fever, which could a fatal disease whenever it affects a young child. School children between ages 6 and 15 are highly vulnerable to dengue fever because their body is not that mature enough to fight any pathogenic microorganisms that affect their health. This is because boys and girls wear uniforms that expose their feet, which allow low-flying mosquitoes to take their chances of biting their legs and exposing the virus inside their body.

The fabric of school uniform is thin enough to expose the children to several illnesses. Some children have a low immune response to an extreme environment, allowing their bodies to be always vulnerable to infection. An example is when the student is exposed to snow while wearing their uniform, which can easily catch a cold after the exposure. There is an extreme weather event that makes it difficult for the students to wear their uniform because whenever it rains heavily, students usually catch a fever. In this case, the school fails to secure the safety and security of the students, especially if they became wet from the heavy downpours. Girls who are required to wear skirts that are above their knees usually attract sex offenders that can risk their safety such as when they are vulnerable walking alone.

Some schools already ban wearing uniforms for their students because they believe that it is one of the best ways to ensure that students will not be exposed to any criminal elements of the law. This is similar with the college students who are no longer required to wear their uniforms whenever they attend classes on a regular basis. In the modern era, there are more schools who are also considering on banning school uniforms to the students. This is because modernized schools are now associating the move to further promote liberalism to the society without limiting the rights of every student inside the campus. For this reason, students can learn comfortably because they do not need to follow strict orders from the school administration that promote their dedication to focus on their subjects when attending classes (Finkelman & Kenner, 2010).


  • Finkelman, Anita Ward & Kenner, Carole (2010). Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

...The wearing of schooluniform helps children to realise that their uniqueness and individuality goes deeper than their clothes, and are not lessened by a uniform. I believe wearing a schooluniform is a breach of children’s right to individuality and self-expression. Everyone is unique, and so making children wear a schooluniform takes away their individuality and personality. Maybe this discourages them from performing to their full potential, and excelling in their favoured subjects? Uniforms were thought up by head teachers as a way of trying to control children. They may give children the impression that conformity is a good way of avoiding conflict, and this is not a good message to teach to children. I think most schooluniforms are ugly and unflattering, and having to wear something that is not comfortable to a child is not good for their self-image. What happens if someone doesn’t like the colour green? If children were allowed to wear their own clothes at least they would be comfortable. In the case of younger children, if they got their only school jumper muddy, they would have none to wear the next day, which would mean they got told off at school. Uniforms make parents spend more money unnecessarily. They are expensive, and parents already have to spend money on clothes...

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